Lawsuit filed after sheriff’s deputy kills man in rural Nevada


When Dickerman arrived, he used jumper cables and his police car to start the dead battery.

The complaint states that after the ignition started, Dickerman said, “You got an ID on you there, bud?”

Harry gave Dickerman a California identification card, and the deputy ran a background check and discovered that Harry had an outstanding warrant from Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a nonviolent offense.

“By running a warrant check or criminal index search, Dickerman engaged in unlawful, intrusive conduct that constituted an abuse of power,” according to the complaint.

A Pershing County legal review of the shooting called the background check a regular practice.


When Dickerman prepared to apply handcuffs, Harry said, “Come on, sir,” before running away, the document states.

Dickerman shot Harry with a Taser, but Harry continued to run away. Dickerman caught up to Harry with his police car and found him holding a tree branch.

“Get on the (expletive) ground or I will shoot you,” he said, pointing a firearm, court records show.

While holding a tree branch, Harry repeatedly said, “Shoot me.”

Harry continued to flee, this time in his RV. A county report said Harry “intentionally rammed PCSO Sheriff Jerry Allen’s police car and managed to flee the scene.”

At some point, the RV was disabled. Pershing County Deputy Shawn Thornhill, who arrived at the scene, yelled, “He’s got a knife to his throat,” according to the court documents.

“Harry’s prior behavior had indicated that he was experiencing severe psychological stress and distress,” the complaint states. “He was clearly shocked to be informed that he was being placed under arrest on an out-of-state warrant, after providing his identification to a police officer whom Harry had himself summoned, simply to help with his vehicle’s battery.”

At some point, an officer broke the window to Harry’s vehicle, and a K-9 dog named Vino jumped onto the door to bite Harry. Harry stabbed the dog in self-defense and remained in the RV, the complaint states.

Dickerman then deactivated the safety on the AR-15 and said, “I’m gonna shoot you,” according to the document.

“Dickerman’s statement did not constitute a warning that Harry would be shot if he did not comply with a command,” the complaint states. “Instead, Dickerman’s statement was merely a declaration of his intent.”

A county report said Dickerman feared for his life and that Harry had “outstretched his hand with the knife” and made “a movement of coming out.”

Dickerman fired three shots.


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