Dog Attack


Lawyer’s Role in Dog Bite Cases

Dog owners are liable for harm or injury to another person caused by their dogs.

Challenges in Dog-Bite Injury Cases  

  • Proving that the property owner had knowledge of the renter‘s dog: A property owner or landlord can be liable for a dog bite injury inflicted by a renter’s dog only if it can be established that the owner had knowledge that the renter had a dog that posed a threat.
  • Policy exclusions: Some insurance policies are policy-specific in that they exclude dog bite injuries caused by certain breeds that have a propensity for aggressive behavior, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans.
  • Proving negligence in walking a dog: In a situation where the dog owner was out walking the dog when the biting occurred, you must establish certain facts such as whether the dog was off the leash or on the leash, whether the owner was trained to control the dog, whether the dog freed itself of the leash, whether the dog had a history of violent behavior, and the extent of the injury received.

K-9 Police Dog Cases

K-9s are dogs trained either to “find and bark” or to “find and bite.” “Find and bark” dogs are trained to find a suspect and then bark when the suspect is found. “Find and bite” dogs are used only when a police officer fears the use of force in a serious situation. In this kind of situation, you need to call a dog attack attorney immediately to assist you in the process.

Types of Injuries in Dog Bite Claims

Dog bites will often affect the appendages, such as the arms and legs, to which a dog has ready access. Bites on the legs usually involve some bleeding and require stitching that can lead to scars. If the injured person is a hemophiliac, he may suffer excessive bleeding.

Bites on the face are serious injuries that may require plastic surgery for facial reconstruction. Children are frequently bitten on the face because they may approach a dog and try to kiss or interact with it in a way that the dog may misinterpret. These actions can cause the dog to become defensive.

Claiming Compensation for Dog Bite Injury

If you or a family member is injured in a dog bite incident, you may be entitled to compensation for physical, mental, and emotional injuries by the help of a dog attack attorney. Depending upon the circumstances, you may be able to claim compensation for ‘bystander liability.’ This would be the type of injury caused on a family member or other related person who was present and observed the injury taking place.

The basis for compensation in bystander liability is the negligent infliction of emotional distress on the parent, a sibling, or another related person.

Our Experience in Dog Bite Injury Claims

The Law Office of Peter Goldstein has years of experience dealing with dog bite cases, one of which recently involved the dog of a renter at a large apartment complex in Las Vegas. While the dog owner did not have any money or insurance, we were able to obtain compensation for our client.

Our firm has an experienced dog attack attorney who knows how to win these types of cases by proving negligence in a homeowner’s past conduct. In the particular case mentioned, we were able to prove, through Animal Control records, that the apartment complex had a long history of complaints involving dogs attacking persons.

We proved that the apartment owner was negligent for allowing the injury to occur and not taking appropriate measures to prevent it.

Why Choose The Law Office of Peter Goldstein

Our firm explores every available opportunity to obtain fair compensation for our clients. We persevere in situations when other lawyers would have given up, and are able to find solutions in challenging cases by considering all areas and avenues of potential recovery for an injured client.

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