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Bicycle Injury

As a bicycle injury attorney, Peter Goldstein will do everything necessary to successfully resolve your personal case. He will oversee every aspect of the case from beginning to end to win the best result for you. If he does not win your case, then you will not pay him anything.



The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported in 2009 that more than 50,000 bicyclists were injured and more than 600 riders were killed in U.S. traffic accidents. If you have been injured while riding a bicycle because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. To do this, file a personal injury claim with the help of the personal injury lawyer, or the bicycle injury attorney, Peter Goldstein.

Bicyclists and automobile drivers are required to know and obey the same traffic rules. Bicyclists are expected to ride with the flow of traffic and to navigate their bikes by making turns as if they were a motor vehicle. Although state laws regarding bicycle riders seem clear, determining liability is not. This is especially unclear when insurance companies try to shift responsibility away from drivers in order to avoid paying claims. Our personal injury lawyer, also known as a bicycle injury lawyer, is Peter Goldstein and he handles numerous bicycle injury cases. He will make sure that you are fairly compensated and that the driver at fault is held directly responsible for his or her negligence.

If you were injured while riding a bicycle, we urge you to bring your case to our attention as soon as possible.

To set up a free case evaluation and speak with a Las Vegas and Los Angeles bicycle injury attorney, contact Peter Goldstein at (702) 474-6400.

Brain Injury

We Protect Victims of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) cases can be mild, moderate or severe.  In mild cases, they may affect people in ways that only a few friends and family members can discern.  Sometimes you can even suffer a traumatic brain injury without losing consciousness.

If you feel that you have suffered from a mild TBI or if you lost consciousness during an accident, and now have problems with headaches, memory loss, or concentration, then you may have serious injuries which require a medical workup.

If you have suffered from what some may classify as a mild traumatic brain injury, it can be very disabling and affect you for the rest of your life.  In litigating mild TBI cases, it is very important that you see the proper neuro-psychologist and have the proper imaging done by a neuro-radiologist.

These cases must be explored to their full capacity.  If you or a loved one has been injured and you believe that the injury has resulted in a mild traumatic brain injury, as explained above, please call Peter Goldstein, a personal injury attorney specializing in traumatic brain injuries.

Call Peter Goldstein, your personal injury attorney, today for a FREE consultation at (702) 474-6400.

Car Crash


Car crashes can involve many complexities. In the event that you are involved in a car or truck crash, your first priority should be to handle any urgent medical needs for yourself and your passengers.

Once you have taken care of yourself, and assessed the situation, try to obtain as much information as possible from the other party.

Peter Goldstein recommends that you:

  • Do not admit fault for the accident regardless if you think you may be partially at fault and do not make any statements to any insurance adjusters or representatives.
  • Seek medical attention immediately.  Although you think you may feel fine or that your injuries are not serious, some symptoms, particularly head injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, can initially involve dizziness and no loss of consciousness. If you have a head injury with the concussion diagnosis you should have, at a minimum, a CT scan at an emergency room. They may do an MRI later to determine the full extent of the trauma. Soft tissue injuries may appear several days following the crash. If you wait too long to seek medical attention the insurance company will argue that any delay is evidence that you really were not injured. My experience is that insurance companies glob onto any fact they can to argue that the injury is not serious or that they’re not responsible.
  • Take photographs.  Most people have a smart phone so this is easy. Even though years ago, it was unusual to see parties photograph their vehicles at the scene. First, take photographs before the vehicles get moved. Also, it is important that you take photographs of your injuries. Some injuries may heal quickly, the sooner you take a photograph, the easier it is to prove the injury.
  • Take detailed notes regarding both your injuries and the crash. Try to obtain as much information as you can about witnesses including their telephone numbers and addresses. There may be individuals in the car that hit you so it is important that you get their names and addresses too. Obviously if they don’t want to release that information then you cannot force them to, but at least make the effort.Inspect the crash scene for any potential dangerous conditions such as an intersection with poor visibility due to inadequate lighting, malfunctioning traffic lights or stop signs that may not be clearly visible. There may have been a history of prior accidents at the location of the accident, if so, it is potentially a case involving a dangerous condition of public property which may be the primary reason for the accident. There are statewide databases that have a wealth of information about the history of accidents at particular intersections, including SWTTRS.
  • Speak to a lawyer as soon as you can, because having experienced and knowledgeable representation is vital in protecting your rights. This may seem obvious but obtain the insurance policy information, the name and driver’s license number and license plates of other vehicles involved including their make and model and approximate year.

We represent injured persons in various accidents including drivers, passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists, buses and passengers in limousines, taxicabs, Ubers and Lyfts. Even if you do not have insurance or a driver’s license and think that you may be not entitled to make a damage claim, you still have rights. The right to a claim is available to those who are either not at fault or are partially at fault if you are injured. Call me today and I can explain these rights to you.


If you are injured in a crash, you will need an experienced attorney to help you claim fair compensation from the insurance company and from the negligent party.

Insurance companies earn their income from premiums and attempt to pay out as little as possible when claims are filed with them. The insurance company will try to minimize your claim by arguing that there is not an injury or car damage sufficient enough to justify compensation. 

Minor impacts can cause serious injuries. Some people may even walk away without a scratch in major rollover accidents. However, medical tests and clinical examinations may reveal more serious injuries than what may have been initially realized.

If you are seriously injured, a lawyer can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve from either the adverse insurance company or from your own insurance company, in the event that the other party is uninsured or underinsured. If the negligent party does not have insurance, then you may make a claim against your own insurance company. You should not make statements to your insurance company and avoid giving a recorded statement to any adjuster. Our firm advises clients to state that they are consulting with lawyers and that they do not want to make a statement.

In a car crash, the attorney’s job is to obtain the maximum benefit for his client.  The Law Office of Peter Goldstein has many years of experience dealing with taking on these claims.



The Law Office of Peter Goldstein may be able to win you compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, property damage, and court costs.


Our firm also obtains compensation for your pain, suffering, anxiety, inconvenience, stress, and loss of quality of life that you have experienced as a result of the accident.

Damages for pain and suffering involve a qualitative analysis of how your life has been affected. As your personal injury attorney, Peter Goldstein will be on your side to get you full and fair compensation.


Inquire whether or not the other driver was driving in the course and scope of his employment. The employer may be held liable for the accident if the uninsured person was doing an errand for his employer at the time of the crash.

Check your own insurance coverage for an uninsured motorist policy that will compensate you when the other driver does not have insurance of his own.


We ask that you bring the declaration page of your insurance policy, a field investigation card to obtain the police report, photographs, car repair estimates and invoices, if available. We will order all of your medical records and medical bills after the initial consultation. If you are in Nevada, the investigating officer will provide a receipt containing the traffic identification information which our firm will use to obtain the report. We do not require any of these documents for the initial consultation.


Years of proven experience are important when choosing a lawyer. Many lawyers market their services by advertising on billboards or TV regarding how they are supposedly the “number one trial lawyer in Las Vegas” or how they will get you the quickest settlement; but, a quick settlement is not always in your best interest.  It takes years of trial experience to know the value of a case and the likelihood of success.

Aside from experience, you will also want to ascertain whether you will be comfortable working with the attorney and whether you will be working directly with the lawyer or with a member of his staff.

Peter Goldstein has over 30 years of personal injury experience in California and Nevada. We encourage you to call us to schedule a free consultation to determine how we can help you. Peter Goldstein personally oversees every aspect of the case in order to provide you with the best result.

If you are involved in a different accident such as Casino Accident, Bicycle Accident, Motorcycle Accident, Slip and Fall, Truck Accident, or Police Misconduct, don’t hesitate to call us, we can help you.

Wrongful Death


Wrongful death is a cause of action that exists on behalf of the next of kin to the decedent who died as a result of negligence. The heirs who are entitled to a claim for wrongful death include the spouse, the children, and the parents of the decedent.

Wrongful death is intended to compensate the heirs for the loss of comfort, care, companionship, monetary support, emotional care, and guidance. “Loss of comfort” legally refers to the relationship, affection, rearing, and guidance that a child will not be able to receive from a parent who is killed in an accident.

It is a significantly devastating loss for a child to lose his parent.


Peter Goldstein, a wrongful death attorney, has been in the practice of law for 30 years and has handled close to 100 wrongful death cases, many of which arose from shootings, police cases, and accidents.


Wrongful death cases involve high emotions of surviving family members who are often overwhelmed by their loss and unable to deal with complicated financial and legal issues arising from that loss.

In many cases, the surviving heirs include children who have special needs such as trusts and annuities that must be established for purposes of receiving significant compensation arising from the wrongful death of their loved ones. A trust takes care of providing for the children in a way that is compatible with their lifestyle and their growing needs.

A wrongful death attorney can not only help in obtaining compensation for their loss but also provides guidance and assistance in setting up a trust for the heirs.


At the Law Office of Peter Goldstein, we truly care about our clients and we gain satisfaction from seeing how our assistance has improved their lives after suffering a serious injury or losing a loved one. We work very hard to ensure that our clients receive the best compensation.

The government, police officers, corporations, and individuals can all be sued for wrongful death.

If someone you love has been killed because of the negligence or deliberate misconduct of someone else, you can get wrongful death claims.  Call a wrongful death attorney today at (702) 474-6400 for a free consultation.

Truck Accident



Truck accidents are often linked to multiple causes including truck driver exhaustion. Federal agencies that regulate interstate commerce and trucking have considered trucker logs and records and found that some truckers are required to drive too many hours without adequate rest. Truckers end up simply exhausted on long-haul truck trips.


Over the next two years, approximately 3 million professional truck drivers will convert from paper logs to electronic logging devices thanks to new federal safety regulations. These devices will automatically detect vehicle movement and track engine hours in order to record driving time.

According to estimates calculated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, these electronic logs will play a role in saving lives and preventing injuries each year by reducing the number of crashes caused by drivers who are driving without proper rest.

While this is a step in the right direction to help protect drivers and passengers who must share the nation’s roads with large commercial vehicles, it will not come soon enough for hundreds of Americans who are injured in crashes with big rigs each year.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, there were 56 fatalities in accidents where the truck driver was asleep or fatigued in 2013 alone.

While there have been hours-of-service regulations in place for decades, paper logs made these rules fairly easy to violate. Some commercial drivers willingly violated rules in order to increase their income, and others were pressured to drive longer than legally allowed by their employer, the shipper, or the receiver.

The new technology will encourage commercial drivers to comply with the federal hours-of-service rules because their jobs and licenses could be at risk if they are violated.

A related law protects commercial drivers from being pressured to violate federal hours-of-service regulations by allowing the FMCSA to take action against trucking companies, shipping companies, and corporations that receive shipments by truck.

Electronic logging devices will only be required in vehicles made in the year 2000 and after. Drivers with older rigs may continue using paper records, although Canadian and Mexican drivers will need to have the devices on board when driving in the United States. All drivers covered by the law will need to have ELD tracking in place before December 16, 2017.


Motorists are often unaware of the unique challenges presented by a truck’s sheer size. Motor vehicle drivers sometimes do not realize that a huge multi-axle vehicle tractor-trailer is unable to stop as quickly as a car. Truck drivers have problems with their visibility, often unable to see as well as a car drivers in certain situations.


Inquire whether or not the other driver was driving in the course and scope of his employment. The employer may be held liable for the accident if the uninsured person was doing an errand for his employer at the time of the accident.

Check your own insurance coverage for an uninsured motorist policy that will compensate you when the other driver does not have insurance of his own.


A collision between a car and a truck can result in significant damage to the smaller vehicle and severe injury to the occupants due to significant weight differences between a car and a truck. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries if you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident on which a truck accident attorney can help you with the litigation process.


If you are involved in a truck accident and there is no apparent injury and no damage to the vehicle, then you can simply exchange information with the truck driver without calling the police. The police should be notified in a more serious situation.

Police do not always come to an accident site, particularly if the accident is in the middle of an interstate and if there is no local law enforcement agency in the vicinity. Occasionally, it may take many hours for them to reach the accident site, making it not always feasible to call the police. In this case, you can call Peter Goldstein, a truck accident attorney, who can give you advice on what to do.

If the accident transpired in a city or an urban area, you certainly can and should call the police even if there is no apparent injury. It is possible for a motorist to be unaware of an injury until he or she is evaluated by a medical professional.


No driver involved in an accident, whether he is a car driver, truck driver or motorcycle rider, should dissuade you from reporting an accident. Telling you not to call the police is a suspicious indication that the other driver may be impaired, may have a suspended license, may not have insurance, or may be fearful that the police might discover that there is an outstanding warrant on that driver.

If you are injured in an accident and your instinct tells you to call the police, then do not let the other party dissuade you from doing so, or better, call a truck accident attorney.


While trucks often carry higher-valued insurance policies, the amount of compensation that you can recover from an accident is determined by the extent of the injury that the accident has caused. Your compensation is a function of the injury, not a function of the fact that the other vehicle is a truck.


Truck accidents, or accidents with a commercial vehicle, can be complicated and involve various issues such as drivers’ logs, vehicle ownership, operation of the vehicle, and state licenses. Claiming compensation from the party responsible for your injuries will require an assessment of all the numerous details surrounding the truck, its driver, and the incident.

An experienced truck accident attorney can gather all the data required to establish liability, the extent of your injuries, and any other information that is required to pursue the maximum compensation to which you are legally entitled with the help of a truck accident attorney.


The Law Office of Peter Goldstein, a truck accident attorney, is licensed to practice in Nevada and California. We have worked on a number of truck accident cases and are in a unique position to help a Nevada resident who is injured in California, or over the state line.

Conversely, when the accident happens over the Nevada state line but the injured person lives in California and receives medical treatment in California, it is useful to have a lawyer who is licensed in both states. We can represent a person in close border situations such as those occurring in Las Vegas.

If you were the victim of a truck accident, Peter Goldstein, a truck accident attorney, can evaluate your case and help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment at (702) 474-6400 so I can fight for you.

Trip and Fall


What Is Premises Liability?

Premises liability refers to cases alleging that the owner or occupier of the property, for example, a store, casino, private home, or even government building is responsible for injuries that occur on it as a result of his or her negligence.

An example is a case filed by a customer who slipped, fell, and got hurt at a grocery store, restaurant, sidewalk, or apartment. Such cases can be filed against the business owner, property owner, tenant, or other persons in control of the property.

Property owners and managers have the obligation to protect their patrons and guests from dangerous conditions on their property.

There are several different types of premises liability cases.  The obvious ones are liquids on the floor causing a slip and fall but others can be the result of inadequate security and failure to protect a patron against a violent or criminal act of a third party.

If you get injured at a casino or a store because of a dangerous condition you may be able to bring a claim.  Peter Goldstein, a trip and fall attorney, has tried many premises liability cases and knows the right experts to prove that the danger existed and that the defendant had notice. You can contact (702) 474-6400 to talk to a trip and fall attorney.

Most people would be surprised to learn that the most common accidents in hotels today are falling in a bathtub.  Many people think that since bathtubs get wet because people take a shower and bathe in them, the fact is that they’re too slippery would prevent you from bringing a case. This is not true, industry standards require a textured surface or appropriate mats which make the bathtub safe.

For example, engineering experts can measure friction coefficient which measures how slippery the surface was either wet or dry, and based on those measurements and analysis can testify with opinions that can be verified that the condition of the surface was unreasonably dangerous.

If you have been seriously injured due to a fall or due to the conduct of a third party at a restaurant, bar, or other establishment you may have the right to bring a claim.  Please call Peter Goldstein your trip and fall attorney so he can discuss this with you.

Our firm recently sued Smith’s Supermarket in Las Vegas, Nevada, in federal court. Smith’s did not own the real property or the store itself, but it leased it, and was in control of it. Smith was responsible for everything that went on inside the property. We sued because they had left low-lying boxes in the aisle which were trip hazards.

Our client, who was shopping and looking at the products on the shelves, did not notice a low box on the floor of the aisle, and she ended up falling and fracturing her arm. In our claim, we contended that the low-lying box, in this case 12 inches tall, was not readily apparent to the shopper, and the shopper was distracted by the items on the shelves. Smith was negligent in having a low object in the path of its customers.

We went to trial because Smith did not make a reasonable settlement offer. We won the trial with the help of Peter Goldstein as their trip and fall attorney.

The plaintiff must prove the defendant was negligent. One way we do that is by inspecting the defendant’s documents that show whether its employees properly inspected the premises for slip and fall hazards. Such documents are called sweep sheets. Sweep sheets are used to prove whether reasonable inspections were conducted on a regular basis.

We also look for video evidence showing whether or not liquid was on the floor but not cleaned up in a timely manner, if the supermarket has proper staffing, and if the supermarket adequately trains it staff about safety policies.

Many kinds of premises liability cases are the result of people tripping over objects in parking lots. It is a common occurrence for people to trip over what are called parking stops, which are blocks of concrete at the end of a parking space.

The issue is going to be whether or not the parking stops are really serving a necessary function in the parking lot, or if they make it unsafe by creating a trip and fall hazard. Some experts have testified that using parking stops in this day and age is negligent because there is really no need for them.  They do not serve any useful purpose, but are obstacles to walking and people constantly trip over them.


Other injuries include broken bones and head injuries. People typically use their hands to brace their falls, and wrist injuries are common, which can result in carpal tunnel problems later. You can suffer a common wrist fracture injury when you use your hand to brace yourself when you fall. Other typical injuries suffered in falls include broken legs, arms, or shoulders. Anyone not expecting to fall can be seriously injured if an unexpected trip hazard occurs.


Having a serious injury is not enough to win a personal injury lawsuit. You have to prove that the defendant somehow failed to act reasonably with regard to your safety. Someone is negligent under circumstances in which a reasonable person in his or her position would not have done what he did. For example, in Smith’s case described earlier, we had to prove that a reasonable supermarket would not have left low boxes in the aisle where customers need to walk.

Our job as attorneys is to gather the facts by interviewing the witnesses, gathering the reports, looking at the physical evidence, having it analyzed by experts, doing inspections and testing, then presenting the facts in a way that is most favorable to the client so that we can win the case.


In California, you must make a written claim to the government entity responsible for your injury. You have six months from the date of the injury to make your claim. In Nevada, you have two years to file. If you fail to make the claim in time you will be barred from ever bringing a lawsuit.


Our firm has been successfully handling these types of cases for 30 years. We know how to obtain and present evidence in the most effective way. We will fight for you as effectively as possible to obtain the most favorable outcome with the help of a trip and fall attorney.

The compensation you can get from a slip-and-fall lawsuit includes medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages if you miss work, lost earning capacity if you can’t work in the future, and possibly others.

If you were injured falling on someone else’s property or experienced slip and fall, call our firm at (702) 474-6400 as soon as possible to set up a free case evaluation and speak with a trip and fall attorney Peter Goldstein.

Product Liability

Product liability is based on injuries caused by malfunctions or other defects in products when they’re being used or even misused in a reasonably foreseeable manner.

Manufacturers and designers of products are required by law to make their products in a way that does not harm their customers when they are being used as intended.

Manufacturers must also warn customers of the dangers associated with the use of their products.

The people who can be sued for the breach of those obligations include not only the manufacturers, but every other member of the “stream of commerce,” such as the distributors, retail sellers, and lessors.

Examples of product liability cases include mechanical breakdowns in cars, malfunctions in gym equipment, food poisoning, toxic medications or cosmetics, malfunctioning electronics, and others.

The types of persons who can sue for product liability include the purchasers and users of the product who are injured.  A product liability attorney can help you with the litigation process.

When companies decide to put profits ahead of safety and make a product that is unsafe they can be held accountable for those decisions.  The most common examples are defective cars.

Even today General Motors is being investigated for failure to warn of a known danger with respect to their ignition switches.

General Motors filed bankruptcy in 2009 which gave them a get out of liability free card for any claim that occurred before they filed bankruptcy.  Many persons were injured as a result of a car that was manufactured before 2009.

In fact just recently the Chevrolet Cobalt has been deemed a vehicle that is susceptible to this ignition turnoff switch when people use a heavy key chain or impact the ignition switch with their knee or arm.

The government requires that these manufacturers recall damaged parts and vehicles but that’s not enough.  They must be held accountable civilly, in court, for money damages, on which a product liability attorney is needed to pursue a case.

In many cases General Motors settled the lawsuits under a confidentiality clause so that people who are later injured cannot use those cases or prior settlements in their cases.

In February 2014 there was a recall of the Cobalt for the model years 2003 to 2007.  GM is now facing investigations by the Justice Department looking into the company’s disclosures in its 2009 bankruptcy filing as to what it told regulators.

There are other kinds of product defects as well including defective bicycles, exercise equipment, even chairs.  We all have the right to rely on our senses to believe that a product is fit for its ordinary use and, when it doesn’t measure up to those expectations, and you get injured as a result of that defect, you may have a right to bring a claim.  Please call me.  I can discuss that with you.

Peter Goldstein has had cases against gym equipment manufacturers and knows the intricacies of product liability law.  Please contact like Peter Goldstein as your product liability attorney if you have been injured due to a defective product.

Call your product liability attorney today at (702) 474-6400 for a free consultation.

Police Misconduct

Many incidents involving police and the use of excessive force have been recently circulated throughout the media, prompting the average person to question whether certain acts were excessive or not.

Police officers have a duty to enforce the law and are authorized to use reasonable force. However, a police officer may not use excessive force, whether from a baton, hands, fist, taser, gun, or police dog. You may have a claim for police brutality if they do.


Tased for 92 seconds: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Settles Wrongful Death Case For $500k

Police misconduct cases can be very difficult to bring which is why you need a police misconduct attorney who knows the law and the procedure in this area. Most of these cases are brought pursuant to a federal statute that was enacted after the Civil War and was designed to protect the civil liberties of all persons in the United States of America.

I have filed over one hundred cases against police officers and departments for wrongful death and serious injuries based on officer misconduct. Incidents involving police brutality are complicated situations that require a clear understanding of the law and the facts.

We know that many police officers and law enforcement personnel do the best job that they can and confront dangerous people, sometimes on a daily basis; but, there are police officers who take the law into their own hands and are violent and abusive.

If you have been wrongfully violated by a police officer please call me. They do not have the right to use excessive force. They do not have the right to threaten you, and they do not have the right to keep you in custody for longer than the law provides.

If you or your family members or friends have been seriously injured in a police interaction please call me.

If you know somebody who was killed as a result of excessive force, for example, a wrongful shooting or other violent action by a police officer, in which they did not have a cause, then please call a police misconduct attorney who will guide you through the litigation process.

Do Police Officers Have the Right to Use Deadly Force?

They do on the condition that they have a reasonable belief that deadly force or serious bodily injury will be used against them. If somebody is running away from the police they do not have the right to shoot that person in the back.

However, if somebody has a gun and refuses to surrender then they have the right to take reasonable steps to protect themselves and others from deadly force. If you are stopped by a police officer please follow this advice. It is important to always be polite and respectful. Niceness usually pays off.

Do not use foul language, do not be aggressive with your body language and do not argue. If you feel that the officer has done something improper, ask for his badge number and his name and, if you cannot get that information, write down the license plate of the vehicle or motorcycle he is operating.

If you are being arrested and you feel that the arrest is invalid then do not resist that arrest. You have a right to pursue a false arrest claim in court at a later time but resisting, arguing and defying a police officer will only lead to more serious consequences.

If you have had an interaction with law enforcement that you believe was improper please call a police misconduct attorney.


As a rule, police officers cannot use deadly force except in the most dire of circumstances such as in Immediate Defense of Life or IDOL. For this defense to apply, the officer must have reasonable grounds to believe that he is facing imminent death or serious bodily harm.

The other person must have a deadly weapon to justify the killing. When a knife is involved, the distance between the person holding the knife and the police officer must be so close that the officer reasonably believes that it could be a deadly situation.


Not all incidents of police brutality are death cases. Police brutality may also involve excessive force from the use of fists, a taser, baton, or handcuffs. As a rule, an officer is allowed to arrest a person when he has a reasonable belief that the person being arrested has committed a crime, is committing a crime, or is about to commit a crime.

If an arrest is made without probable cause and the police handcuff you, you may be entitled to compensation for the use of excessive force or police brutality.


A person who is involved in an incident of police brutality may suffer physical injuries such as broken bones, a head injury, a soft tissue injury, or death.

Due to the significant time, effort, and resources required to pursue a case of police misconduct, a competent civil rights police misconduct attorney first looks for serious injury before filing a lawsuit and litigating a case. Police brutality basically encompasses all aspects of excessive force and excessive use of authority.


Civil rights lawyer Peter Goldstein has been practicing criminal defense for many years. He represented clients in juvenile cases where a judge decides the case in jury trials.

From experience, Peter Goldstein has seen how judges can decide cases based on the testimony of a police officer versus that of a young juvenile or adult.

Without the judge’s or jury’s deep analysis of a case, a police officer can get away with unethical and unlawful police practices by fabricating the facts.

Our firm’s development of a practice that includes police misconduct was prompted by our desire to seek justice for any victim of police brutality.


Some police officers take advantage of their authority to secure favors from those with whom they come in contact. Those forms of coercion and exploitation for the police officer’s benefit are not allowed.

Our firm handles different types of misconduct cases such as:

  • Death cases
  • Excessive force from shooting
  • False arrest
  • Unlawful incarceration
  • Sexual misconduct
  • Police dog bite cases

These and other cases where law enforcement officers misuse their authority and injure a person demonstrate the need for a police misconduct attorney.


Bringing a lawsuit against the police can be a challenge for the average lawyer who has no knowledge or experience in police misconduct cases.

Anyone who attempts to pursue a claim against a police officer will encounter many procedural obstacles and defenses which are only available to the police, such as qualified immunity.

Through qualified immunity, an officer has the right to ask the judge to rule that his conduct was lawful. This would be based on the fact that the officer’s actions did not rise to the level of a constitutional violation, or that a reasonable police officer in his position would not consider that his actions were unlawful.

Such cases are highly complicated involving substantive laws and procedural rules that an experienced attorney will be in the best position to evaluate.


The Law Office of Peter Goldstein fought a misconduct case for 11 years in order for the victims to obtain justice. The case involved a correctional officer who sexually abused wards in a youth correctional facility.

The facility was aware of the guard’s sexual misconduct but turned a blind eye. We fought the case for 11 years and on November 2, 20l5, we prevailed. Others may have given up after all that time.

On another scale, Peter Goldstein as a personal injury attorney who specializes in police misconduct or police brutality also handled a Las Vegas case involving a police officer who threw a jailed person to the ground without justification. The case was settled without litigation.

Another case involved a person who was injured by a county sheriff while he was incarcerated. That case took a long time to settle due to the ‘code of silence’ among police officers who back each other up when excessive force is used. Our perseverance paid off and the case was settled for a significant amount of money.

Not all cases have video evidence, and some cases are more challenging than others. If a case is not supported by video evidence or witnesses, we may be able to identify other types of evidence which can support your version of the facts.

For us, winning a challenging case by obtaining compensation for our client is very satisfying.


Police brutality and police misconduct cases are difficult and challenging. The Law Office of Peter Goldstein is prepared to take on difficult cases and fight regardless of the obstacles and challenges, and persist no matter how long it will take to obtain fair compensation for our clients.

Contact our experienced police misconduct attorney at (702) 474-6400.

Dog Attack


Lawyer’s Role in Dog Bite Cases

Dog owners are liable for harm or injury to another person caused by their dogs.

Challenges in Dog-Bite Injury Cases  

  • Proving that the property owner had knowledge of the renter‘s dog: A property owner or landlord can be liable for a dog bite injury inflicted by a renter’s dog only if it can be established that the owner had knowledge that the renter had a dog that posed a threat.
  • Policy exclusions: Some insurance policies are policy-specific in that they exclude dog bite injuries caused by certain breeds that have a propensity for aggressive behavior, including pit bulls, Rottweilers, and Dobermans.
  • Proving negligence in walking a dog: In a situation where the dog owner was out walking the dog when the biting occurred, you must establish certain facts such as whether the dog was off the leash or on the leash, whether the owner was trained to control the dog, whether the dog freed itself of the leash, whether the dog had a history of violent behavior, and the extent of the injury received.

K-9 Police Dog Cases

K-9s are dogs trained either to “find and bark” or to “find and bite.” “Find and bark” dogs are trained to find a suspect and then bark when the suspect is found. “Find and bite” dogs are used only when a police officer fears the use of force in a serious situation. In this kind of situation, you need to call a dog attack attorney immediately to assist you in the process.

Types of Injuries in Dog Bite Claims

Dog bites will often affect the appendages, such as the arms and legs, to which a dog has ready access. Bites on the legs usually involve some bleeding and require stitching that can lead to scars. If the injured person is a hemophiliac, he may suffer excessive bleeding.

Bites on the face are serious injuries that may require plastic surgery for facial reconstruction. Children are frequently bitten on the face because they may approach a dog and try to kiss or interact with it in a way that the dog may misinterpret. These actions can cause the dog to become defensive.

Claiming Compensation for Dog Bite Injury

If you or a family member is injured in a dog bite incident, you may be entitled to compensation for physical, mental, and emotional injuries by the help of a dog attack attorney. Depending upon the circumstances, you may be able to claim compensation for ‘bystander liability.’ This would be the type of injury caused on a family member or other related person who was present and observed the injury taking place.

The basis for compensation in bystander liability is the negligent infliction of emotional distress on the parent, a sibling, or another related person.

Our Experience in Dog Bite Injury Claims

The Law Office of Peter Goldstein has years of experience dealing with dog bite cases, one of which recently involved the dog of a renter at a large apartment complex in Las Vegas. While the dog owner did not have any money or insurance, we were able to obtain compensation for our client.

Our firm has an experienced dog attack attorney who knows how to win these types of cases by proving negligence in a homeowner’s past conduct. In the particular case mentioned, we were able to prove, through Animal Control records, that the apartment complex had a long history of complaints involving dogs attacking persons.

We proved that the apartment owner was negligent for allowing the injury to occur and not taking appropriate measures to prevent it.

Why Choose The Law Office of Peter Goldstein

Our firm explores every available opportunity to obtain fair compensation for our clients. We persevere in situations when other lawyers would have given up, and are able to find solutions in challenging cases by considering all areas and avenues of potential recovery for an injured client.

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Motorcycle Crash


Motorcycle crashes are caused by many of the same factors that cause car crashes: inattentive drivers, excessive speed, loss of control, and road conditions. Another major factor, which is unique to motorcycles, is that motorcycles are more difficult to see than other vehicles because they are smaller, lighter, and faster. This means they are often driven between the lanes where other drivers do not always look, which is referred to as straddling or splitting the lanes.


If someone is involved in a crash with a motorcycle, they should first check to see if anyone needs emergency medical attention. If you are the injured motorcyclist, seek emergency medical help immediately. Do not wait to be referred to a doctor by a lawyer. If you are not injured but someone else is, call for help. Doing this is not an admission of fault. The parties involved in the crash should take pictures of the vehicles, exchange insurance information, and call the police. Do not verbally admit fault or apologize.


The injuries resulting from a motorcycle crash can be more severe than injuries suffered in accidents involving larger vehicles. Motorcyclists have no protection against the elements, road, or other vehicles. People can still be injured if they are wearing helmets, and this can result in devastating injuries to a person if he is involved in a high-speed collision when riding a motorcycle.


If you have a serious injury, you need a competent and experienced trial lawyer or a motorcycle crash lawyer who can litigate your case. Insurance companies, even your own, will try to give you as little money as possible, and they will not refer you to a doctor. A competent attorney will have access to medical specialists who can attend to your specific injuries and will fight to win you the best financial recovery possible. Strict rules of procedure and evidence apply to cases that are litigated, therefore you need an attorney with experience.


Our firm is well acquainted with motorcycles and we are very in-tune with motorcycle riders and their various injuries. We are familiar with how often motorcycle riders are blamed when they are not at fault. Our firm is aware of the biases and prejudices against motorcyclists. It is important to us that we overcome the prejudice and that the motorcyclist is given the same benefit of doubt as any other person who is injured.

That is done in a procedure called voir dire, where we unveil people’s prejudices and bias before a trial. We are well experienced in how to obtain the required evidence, interview witnesses, document the case, take photographs, and to acquire information on prior accidents.

If you’ve been involved in a collision with another car while riding a motorcycle, call Peter Goldstein today at (702) 474-6400 for a free consultation.