Our multi-jurisdictional law firm has over 30 years of trial experience and Peter Goldstein as a personal injury lawyer has tried many cases to verdict in Summerlin, Nevada
Personal Injury Auto Accident Attorney
Auto Accident

If you are involved in a auto or car accident, the first priority is dealing with urgent medical issues for you and or your passengers…

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Personal Injury Casino Accident Attorney
Casino Accident

The most common injuries in hotels involve patrons falling in slippery bathtubs…

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Personal Injury Bicycle Accident Attorney
Bicycle Accident

If you have been injured while riding a bicycle because of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation…

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Personal Injury Brain Injury Attorney
Brain Injury

If you have suffered from what some may classify as a mild traumatic brain injury it can be very disabling and have an effect on you for the rest of your life…

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Personal Injury Motorcycle Accident Attorney
Motorcycle Accident

If you have a serious injury, you need a competent and experienced trial lawyer who can litigate your case. Insurance companies will try to give you as little money as possible…

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Personal Injury Police Misconduct Attorney
Police Misconduct

Police misconduct cases can be very difficult to bring which is why you need an attorney who knows the law and the procedure in this area…

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Personal Injury Product Liability or Defective Product Attorney
Product Liability

When companies decide to put profits ahead of safety and make a product that is unsafe they can be held accountable for those decisions…

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Personal Injury Trip and Fall Injury Attorney
Trip and Fall

Property owners and managers have the obligation to protect their patrons and guests from dangerous conditions on their property…

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Personal Injury Truck Accident Attorney
Truck Accident

While trucks often carry higher valued insurance policies, the amount of compensation that you can recover from an accident is determined by the extent of the injury that the accident has caused…

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Personal Injury Wrongful Death Attorney
Wrongful Death

Our firm has been in the practice of law for 30 years and has handled close to 100 wrongful death cases, many of which arose from shootings, police cases, and accidents…

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Personal Injury Dog Attack Attorney
Dog Attack

If you or a family member is injured in a dog bite incident, you may be entitled to compensation for physical, mental, and emotional injuries…

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